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February 12, 2007



Well I reckon my name must already be in that HAT!!!! after all your link is already on my blog.... LMAO but I will do another special mention just for you.

Have a good day Amie


Hi Jenny just a second coment for the day.. It is national compliment day and I have just found this Site http://daretobenice.blogspot.com/
Anyway I just love your ribbons so I thought I would get lots more people finding your website (hopefully).
Dared to be Nice....

Jenny Boyd

Ahh Amie thanks so much! Don't worry, you were on my list of entries before I even submitted this current post! I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me. Winging its way to you right now is a massive collection of lovely ribbons - I can't wait to see what you come up with using them. Enjoy! I am going to visit DaretobeNice now!


I'm a good suck arse too!!!!!!!! I've mentioned your shop many times, can I go in it to????????? I can beat Amie on the nice comments ( and I'm a much nicer person too!)

LMAO- leah


I found your site from TMD forum, it looks great...I love ribbons!!! As we all do ;-) I've added your site and blogged about your comp on www.allthingsscrapbooking.com/blog
Cheers :)


thanks to your good sister I found out about this comp. as you know your site is already on my links list and I mentioned this today and added a link - done!


Just found your website too so inserted it on my sidebar in my blog and tomorrow when I blog I will definitely mention it I love your ribbons,YUMMY!!!



My ribbons are just beautiful!!! Thanks for the speedy delivery.

Yes things are just buzzing around in my head as to what to do with them. The B&W pack is great there are some really nice ribbons in there as you know LOL.




I've just listed your website (Really just ribbons) on my blog so am leaving a comment here so you know I have done it!
Thanks for the competition. I love ribbon!



I have listed your wed site on my blog... My first ever link. I'm new to blogging but if you come from the Central West of NSW then you have to be nice!!!!


what a fun contest! I've put all your info on my blog! oooh! I sure hope I win... I LOVE ribbon! :D

Linda N

After some searching for a decently priced ribbon supplier, I have finally found one....
I have added you to my personal blog for all to see... :)


What a lovely idea. I have added your site to my blog http://rebelliouskiwi.blogspot.com Love drooling over the ribbons on your site too btw :)


Terrific idea ! I've added your link too ! lol

Smiles , Pearl


Ally B

Well I just boged about ya!! heres the link to my site!

Janet Watson

Hiya, I have written a poem about you... and you were already in my places to PEEP, BROWSE and BUY...

Have my fingers crossed...


Janet Watson

whoops... kinda helps to leave my link... duhhhhh


Lyssa Zimmerman

I want in on the drawing as well! I've got you on my blog! Here's my blog address: stufflyssamakes.blogspot.com! You are awesome, thanks!


Prompt to me what to add for convenience on my site ? http://novofilm.blog.ru

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