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March 20, 2007


Amie  Taylor

How cute, Mia and Brie usually are quiet for that amount of time if they know their doing something wrong LOL.

About your comment on how do I get LO's & Pav's made they help!!! Mia sits in the room and cuts paper and Brie just crawls around touching things she shouldn't....


Very, very funny! You have a knack for humourous writing.

cousin k

i wish the cat could have eaten at least 1 grape or maybe had a sip of juice or even played with the bloody plastic 'T'. what does a girl have to do?


Pussy didnt like the letter "T" I take it???? Our poor cat is called Sasha-Bubbles and it gets dressed up and shoved into prams and all sorts of things like plastic letter "T"'s thrown at it, these cats just dont realise how much they are loved!
PS: cats dont like it when their whiskers are "trimmed" by toddlers either!


how do I send you my layout photo Jen?


Grapes should be cut in half for a child this age. The are very dangerous if a child accidently shallows them, because the oesophagus is approximately the same size has the grapes. They would be stuck and the child could die.


I'm with you grandma! And what about that letter 'T', the poor child could choke to death on that, you know how everything goes in a toddlers mouth. AND worse still, what about having the cat inside with the toddler -What if that poor little girl goes to sleep and that cat curled up and went to sleep on her face. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. That'd never happen in 'my day'. At least we knew how to look after our kids. Our kids learnt to ride bikes without helmets and travel in cars without seatbelts but at least we knew how to care for our kids.

Oh sorry, just about finished my rant when it dawned upon me that She knew her toddler would NOT eat the grapes...what a waste of good food! TSK, Tsk, tsk.

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