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August 26, 2007



OK - tag me. But I am not sure I know 8 more bloggers!lol. They are interesting facts Jen. Espesially the ESP sort of dreams. I think that some people are just more "in-tune" with their world, and therefore pick up on small changes around them. Spooky!


Ahhh thanks Pippa - I just went back and re-read the instructions about the number of people I have to tag .... I will have to think of a few more people I can harass!


lol...ahh.... now I have to find 8 to tag..

Interesting facts but... I find them fascinating....


i'll try and get to this tonight jenny. had a VERY busy weekend and have been trying to tidy the house and get some scrapping done today.
i love reading "interesting" facts about ppl.
have a great monday xxoo

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